GLS return label

39,00 kr


Gratis fragt på alle ordrer


30 dages fuld returret


 It's easy to return with GLS!

At Phenumb, you can easily and cheaply return your purchase to us for 39.00 kroner. You can always track your return shipment.

This is how it takes place when you place a return label with us:

  • When ordering a return label, it is sent as a PDF file to your mail address that you have entered at the purchase. Then you print it yourself at home, put it on your package and deliver it to one of GLS's submission sites. (If not the mail comes right away then check your spam / unwanted entry.)

  • We recommend that you make a receipt at submission.

  • You can return multiple orders with your return label - but in one package.

Return terms:

  • All goods must be returned in the same condition, as upon receipt and within our 30 day return period.

  • All brands, boxes and the like. Must be intact - Do not set Label directly on the shoe box.

  • If you order return labels along with other items, returnable will be sent physically in the package, so it is ready to be pasted on the return package.

The return label is valid for 3 months and can only be used on one shipment. In addition, this label is only valid in Denmark's borders.

NOTE:Discount codes cannot be used on this product.

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Levering i Danmark

Din pakke vil blive sendt med GLS, leveringstid 1-3 hverdage.

Levering i EU

Din pakke vil blive sendt med GLS, leveringstid 3-5 hverdage.