Phenumben Copenhagen began his journey in the autumn of 2019. We started a mission to create a shame that is founded on true passion for shoe manufacturing and using the best quality and responsible materials in production. We presented our very first phenumb designs on the international fashion ciff in January 2020 and were quickly recognized for our excellent look & feel and more than anything else the high quality of our shoes. With more than 25 years of experience in designing and producing shoes for the Scandinavian market, we live and breathe to make the finest shoes. We have taken our extensive knowledge and experience in designing and producing shoes and made them available for the whole of Europe and the world. With a Scandinavian inspired design, we have the ambition to become a global brand in contact with the latest trends and our customers. Phenumb shoes are handmade in Portugal, Spain and Italy. Our production partners are all carefully selected with focus on high standards of materials and responsibilities in production. The journey for a phenumb shoe starts in the head of our creative designers. We study carefully fashion trends and consider how to design and match both current and timeless designs. The designs are transferred to handmade drawings, materials are selected taking into account sustainability in production and ensures the best durability and looks after the style. The new phenumb -design is then handmade in full-scale prototypes using an outsole that fills the shoe's overall appearance and gives the very best experience to go on the shoe. The result is a complete set of guidelines, descriptions and drawings for each of our phenumb shoes, which will later be available to our customers. The next phenumb shoe is now en route!